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Who We Are

DeepMind creations is a company with group of people to develop new technology rather than working in the same old system of decade. We believe that Machine learning, AI Data Science will lead the near future of technology. Today is IT era but tomorrow is going to be Data Engineering Era. Big Data, IOT, Deep Learning are also going to be big industry.

We are preparing for future; developing different solution based on AI, Machine learning and data science. We also work on web applications and mobile applications depending upon clients demand.

  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Data analytics
  • NLP,Computer Vision
  • Backend Development
  • Recommendation System
  • UI Design
  • Android App
  • IOS
  • SEO
  • Hosting
  • Chat bots
  • Predictive Models

AI, Data Science

AI and Data science solutions are designed using python programming language and modules. We analyze the data and do research on it to find best solution to the problem. In data science we work on statistical methods to find patterns in data. In artificial intelligence we work research on NLP, computer vision, predictive model development, data analysis and so on.

New Inventions are those which will make you forget the past and lead the future and so AI, Data Science is.

Web Development

In web development we use Django, php, Laravel, Shopify, Ruby, Wordpress, Magento as backend and Angular,Bootstrap as frontend. We also have special package for ecommerce solutions. We develop responsive UI and solid backend.

Moble Apps

We develop mobile apps for Android and iOS. We use Android Studio, Ionic, Phone Gap, Swift for the app development.